3D Printed Fossils

Pictured below are 3D printed fossils of a new crocodyliform species called Paluxysuchus newmani.  The original fossils were discovered by field crews from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and studied by research scientist Thomas Adams of SMU.  The fossils were laser scanned and reconstructed in the Visualization Lab in the Huffington Department of Earth Sciences at SMU before being reproduced by PartSnap in high-resolution  PolyJet VeroWhitePlus.  You can read the Adams’ abstract here:

A new neosuchian crocodyliform from the Lower Cretaceous (late Aptian) Twin Mountains Formation of North-Central Texas.

3D Printed Fossil Skull  3D Printed Fossil Layout  3D Printed Jaw Close-up  3D Printed Fossil Jaws  3D Printed Fossils