3D Printing for Injection Molded Parts Design Validation

More Complex Injection Molded Design - Back Side View

It Pays To Prototype

One of the most practical applications of high resolution PolyJet 3D Printing is for the validation of injection molded parts design.  Will the parts fit and function as intended?  With injection mold tooling costs running from $5,000 up to over $50,000 – it pays to prototype.

Now you can leverage PartSnap’s product development and CAD experience to ensure you have a design suitable for injection molding – with wall thicknesses, drafts and fastener features appropriate to your requirements.  To sweeten the deal, PartSnap offers its design clients greatly reduced rates on prototyping – both with 3D Printing and high-volume injection molding.

PartSnap works closely with local Dallas/Fort Worth Texas injection molding vendors, and can take your idea all the way from concept to production.

Below are several products designed, modeled and prototyped by PartSnap – each has gone to injection molded mass production without any rework or delays.

Low-cost Injection Molded Electronics Enclosure   More Complex Injection Molded Design - Back Side View   Injection Molded Electronics Enclosure - a Perfect Fit

Don’t make the mistake of cutting tooling with a design you ‘think’ is good.  Moving to production with a poor design can waste tens of thousands of dollars and set back your product development schedule by 8-12 weeks.  Contact PartSnap instead.