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3D Printing & Prototyping

3D Printing Threads (Cosmetic/Virtual Threads vs Real 3D Threads)

3D Printing Threads - Actual Revolved Threads

There is a lot of confusion regarding 3D printing threads when it comes to the translation of CAD data to a physical prototype.  This is largely because CAD vendors have introduced some shortcuts to make it easier for engineers and designers to add “virtual” or “cosmetic” threads to the designs without manually drawing the actual […]

3D Printed Fossils

Pictured below are 3D printed fossils of a new crocodyliform species called Paluxysuchus newmani.  The original fossils were discovered by field crews from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and studied by research scientist Thomas Adams of SMU.  The fossils were laser scanned and reconstructed in the Visualization Lab in […]

3D Printed Guns

What are we to do about 3D printed guns?  Some Americans rejoice at the idea; others panic. The now famous (or infamous) group Defense Distributed recently released plans for a fully 3D printed gun.  The only non-3D printed parts are a single nail required for the firing pin and a non-functional metal block “required” to […]

3D Printing “Magic Arms” in ABS Using Stratasys FDM

Stratasys FDM Magic Arms in ABS

A touching story of how 3D printing can be used to change and improve lives.   The innovative doctors at Nemours use Stratasys FDM parts to build exoskeletons for children with disorders requiring assistance moving their arms.  They call the device a Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton (WREX): WREX is a modular body-powered orthosis that is mounted to a person’s […]

Chrome Plated 3D Printed Parts

PartSnap is now offering a new finish: metal plated 3D printed parts with a VeroWhitePlus core.   The metal plating is available with matte and polished finishes and, in addition to its aesthetic value, it also provides structural enhancements to the parts.  RePliForm has developed an excellent multi-layed metal-plating technology that they call RePliKote.  Take a look […]

High Resolution 3D Printed Scale Models

3D Printed Octopod Underwater Salvage V Here’s a common question I receive at PartSnap: How much detail can be handled in a 3D printed scale model?  When PolyJet is selected for prototyping and model-making, the answer is: a lot. The PolyJet process creates parts with layers 0.001″ or less!  It builds parts layer by layer, handling […]

3D Printing the Free Universal Construction Kit

Below are some images of 3D printing samples of the Free Universal Construction Kit in VeroWhitePlus and VeroGray.  The Universal Construction Kit is an effort by Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) and Sy-Lab to provide compatibility between LEGO blocks, Tinkertoys, K’Nex, Duplo and other proprietary building blocks and toys. Photos with dark background: Free Art […]

3D Printing Visual Part and Feature Size Guide

PartSnap’s 3D Printer has a build size of approximately 12in x 8in x 6in, about the footprint of a sheet of letter or A4 sized paper.  It is well suited for a wide range of part sizes, industries and applications. Below is a gallery of some parts created with Objet 3D printing showcasing the diversity […]

Artistic Creations – High Resolution 3D Printing

  Above is a view of several items after printing.  You can see that they have varying amounts of support material based on their geometry.  The object at the top (shown below after cleaning) is an example of the high-resolution detail possible using our 3D Printing technology.  This sculptural model was created by George Hart who generously […]

Scanned, Prototyped and CNC Machined

A client needed to replicate a part no longer in production. The part was first scanned. A model of the part was prototyped using our Objet 3D Printer. The printed prototype allowed our client to verify form, fit and function of the threads. Finally, the CAD model was CNC machined by a 3rd-party partner vendor. PartSnap […]