High Resolution 3D Printed Scale Models

3D Printed Octopod Underwater Salvage V

Here’s a common question I receive at PartSnap: How much detail can be handled in a 3D printed scale model?  When PolyJet is selected for prototyping and model-making, the answer is: a lot.

The PolyJet process creates parts with layers 0.001″ or less!  It builds parts layer by layer, handling overhangs with a wax-like support material to ensure optimum accuracy and to keep separate parts separated.  This permits the functional 3D printing of scale models, mechanisms and moving parts.

Notice the details of the PolyJet 3D Printed model.  This particular model takes advantage of the Objet Connex digital material blending.  It features blended rigid and soft-touch materials, a functional hoist and iris portal, and a working door with a locking latch.

Source: Octopod Underwater Salvage V – 3D Modeling and Printing Thesis

Via: 3ders.org

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