These general Terms and Conditions establish the relationship between PartSnap, a division of Ficient Technologies, a Limited Liability Corporation established in Texas, USA, hereinafter referred to as “PartSnap”, and any individual or corporation making an online purchase through the PartSnap instant quote payment system, hereinafter referred to as the Customer(s).

PartSnap provides 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) services to Customers worldwide.  The 3D Printing Instant Quote system is provided to reduce administrative costs and better serve Customers.  Customers must upload an STL CAD file for quotation and they therefore are responsible for knowing how to produce a high-quality STL, for ensuring the geometry features are appropriate for the requested process (wall thickness, envelope size, support removal, feature size), and for doing their own research on the materials and any limitations for a particular process.  Such educational information is found throughout STL files should contain only one solid body per file.

PartSnap reserves the right to change prices at any time. PartSnap reserves the right to cancel any orders and refund Customer payments for any reason, including, but not limited to, machinery malfunction, geometry with errors, instant quote system errors, and sudden changes in raw material costs.

The PartSnap Instant Quote system now allows established clients to purchase 3D Printing services using a purchase order (PO) rather than by prepaying  Selecting to pay by PO is a legally binding commitment to pay.  Cancellations may not be possible due to the commitment of materials and resources.  POs issued by unapproved clients may be accepted or rejected by PartSnap.

Customers outside of Texas, USA are responsible for paying the tax of their local governance.  Texas, USA Customers will automatically be charged tax, and will be refunded said tax upon delivery of a Form 01-339 Form.

PartSnap guarantees that orders will begin processing within the quoted lead time; however, for very large orders, the machine time of the 3D Printers may cause the whole order to be delayed.  Although PartSnap typically exceeds requested lead times, quoted lead times do not account for extended production times or for shipping time.

PartSnap will ship parts using USPS, UPS and/or FedEx.  Merchandise may also be delivered by PartSnap to local Customers.  Customer is responsible for selecting their required shipping lead time during checkout.  The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.

PartSnap is not responsible for Customer design errors or for designs which are unsuitable for 3D Printing.  PartSnap will not refund parts which are broken by the customer or whose quality is poor because they exceeded the capabilities of a material or process (not accounting for minimum wall thickness, for example).  PartSnap goes to great lengths to provide a highly secure website; however, customers are responsible for their own internet usage, fees, system security, and use the PartSnap website at their own risk.

Logos, copy and photographs found on the PartSnap website are the sole property of PartSnap.  Files uploaded by Customers to the PartSnap website are, by default, the sole property of the Customer.  PartSnap sometimes offers promotional savings to gain photographic rights to Customer designs for the purpose of marketing.  Such promotions are for the rights to display the designs and do not imply any change of ownership of the intellectual property of the designs.

By sending CAD files or designs to PartSnap, you certify that you are the owner of the design or have the rights to replicated the design.  You also certify that the production or reproduction of your CAD file or design does not violate any laws of the State of Texas, the United States of America or the laws of your local governance.

For any unresolved issues, contact:
Mike Moussa / Owner of PartSnap
214-449-1455 phone

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Last updated 13 May 2014.