PartSnap To Introduce Online 3D Printing Instant Quote

Update (27 July 2012): PartSnap Online 3D Printing Instant Quote (beta) is now live.

When PartSnap started, we had no immediate need for an online 3D Printing Instant Quote system.  We were founded with the goal of serving the underservered Rapid Prototyping markets around Dallas / Fort Worth / North Texas.  These markets include small and mid-sized businesses, inventors and entrepreneurial ventures, and free-lance designers and engineers.

A significant portion of our clients start out inexperienced with additive manufactuing, and we are able to provide a lot of services to assist them, such as file translation, STL export/repair, assistance selecting the correct prototyping process, design assistance and more.  As we continue to educate clients on the methods of additive manufacturing, we are finding a larger percentage of our clients are now armed with the knowledge to select their process, export their STL and order parts.

That’s why we are proud to be rolling out PartSnap 3D Printing Instant Quote this Summer.  The system will allow anyone to upload multiple STL files, view real-time previews, edit quantities and buy parts right from our secure website.  Your parts will be created, packaged and shipped.  Simple, efficient, snappy.

Enjoy the preview below and sign-up to be informed when the beta system goes live.PartSnap 3D Printing Instant Quote Preview - Multiple File and Units ManagementPartSnap 3D Printing Instant Quote Preview - File Upload

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