PartSnap uses 3D laser scanning to bring products into a 3D CAD environment, with the option to Reverse Engineer the scan into a parametric SolidWorks model.

After laser scanning, the digitized CAD model can be used for:

3D Scanning versus Reverse Engineering

Laser scanning produces a mesh cloud which consists of millions of points in 3D space.  These 3D points can easily be converted to an STL file to be used to for archiving legacy data or for 3D printing at any scale.  Mesh data by itself cannot, however, be easily edited or manipulated without very specialized software.   PartSnap utilizes software called RapidWorks by RapidForm to fully reverse engineer 3D scanned data into a useful parametric CAD model.  With the parametric model, a client can open the model in SolidWorks, access the feature tree, and easily edit sketches and features of the design.  There is a significant cost difference between just 3D scanning and 3D scanning plus reverse engineering.  Be aware of the differences when you request a 3D laser scanning quote.

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