Here is a brief 3D printing gallery from a variety of industries and projects.  Much of our work is proprietary to our clients so we are unable to share everything.  Please contact PartSnap® to discuss your special requirements.  We specialize in unique applications.


FDM enclosure with PEM thread inserts PolyJet Gear Rack White FDM enclosure CNC Anodized Aluminum, Nickle Plated PolyJet CNC Anodized Aluminum, Nickle Plated PolyJe Desk Momentost Thin-walled PolyJet Parts (Thermoformed prototype) PolyJet Electronics Enclosure Prototype Laser Scanning Prosthetic Foot Laser Scanning Casting Nickle Plated PolyJet Manifold PolyJet Manifold Short Production Run PolyJet3D Printed Fossil Skull-Eyes 3D Printed Fossil Skull 3D Printed Fossil Layout 3D Printed Jaw Close-up 3D Printed Fossil Jaws 3D Printed Fossils PartSnap VeroWhitePlus Proud Swatch_Matte Chrome PartSnap VeroWhitePlus Proud Swatch_Polished Chrome PartSnap 3D Printed Chrome Plating PartSnap VeroWhitePlus Recessed Swatch_Polished Chrome - Featured PartSnap 3D Printed VeroWhitePlus Painted Parts More Complex Injection Molded Design - Back Side View Low-cost Injection Molded Electronics Enclosure Injection Molded Electronics Enclosure - a Perfect Fit 3d printing architectural staging plastic furniture 3D Printed Architectural Door Hardware Designed and Prototyped by PartSnap 3D Printed Furniture Scaled Furniture Models 3D Printed Models of Architectural Structures PartSnap 3D Printing Colors & Finishes PartSnap 3D Printing Universal Construction Kit PartSnap 3D Printing UCK VeroGray VeroWihtePlus 3D Printing UCK in VeroWihtePlus VeroGray Small 3D Printed Part_featured 3D Printed Thread Gauge Parts Printed for Functional Testing - Heavy Civil Industry Small Part 3D printing Thermoformed Packaging Mockup - Back Side, 1mm Wall Thickness Thread Gauge for 1/4"-5/8" and 5mm-14mm Standard Hardware Small Electronics Enclosure - Designed and Prototyped by PartSnap Open 3D Printed Electronics Enclosure 3D Printing Size Range: Large vs Small Parts Packaging Mockup with 1mm Wall Thickness Throughout Large Build Envelope Part Approx. 11" x 5" x 4", 27 cu. in. Material Wall Thickness 1mm (0.039") Throughout 3D Printed Assembly Mockup for Function Testing - Heavy Civil Construction Small Prototypes Packaging 3D Printing Mockup, Text Detail 3d model moving parts kinematic 3d printed model part-replicated-cnc-machining 3d-print-detail-full printed part with threads