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Featured is an incredible demonstration of 3D printing art scupltures.  Neri Oxman, architect, designer and assistant professor at MIT Media Lab, creates digital sculptures melding nature with digital design and additive manufacturing technology.  She uses Objet’s multi-material Connex 3D Printing to bring the designs to life.  In collaboration with Objet Geometries R&D, she appears to have access […]

Below are some images of 3D printing samples of the Free Universal Construction Kit in VeroWhitePlus and VeroGray.  The Universal Construction Kit is an effort by Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) and Sy-Lab to provide compatibility between LEGO blocks, Tinkertoys, K’Nex, Duplo and other proprietary building blocks and toys. Photos with dark background: Free Art […]

PartSnap’s 3D printer can manufacture kinematic 3d models (plastic models with moving parts) in a single print session.  During printing, moving parts are separated from each other with a small gap which is filled with support material.  After printing, the support material is washed away and the kinematic parts are freed to move relative to […]

  Above is a view of several items after printing.  You can see that they have varying amounts of support material based on their geometry.  The object at the top (shown below after cleaning) is an example of the high-resolution detail possible using our 3D Printing technology.  This sculptural model was created by George Hart who generously […]